Planning a trip to Tucson? Below is my recommended 7-day Tucson Arizona itinerary to help you make the most of this fantastic southwest destination!

Day 1: Arrival and Downtown Tucson

From most east coast cities arriving in Phoenix, instead of Tucson direct, is likely to be your plan. It is under two hours to drive to Tucson and the route is very straight forward. Assuming you’ve got some daylight left head downtown to get the lay of the land in Tucson. Taking a one-hour carriage tour with Sentinel Carriage Co., Jane will give you a great overview of the downtown and a primer on the history of Tucson. Plan to have a meal downtown at one of the new hip eating destinations like Hub or Reilly, or if you are craving some killer Mexican food head to the historic El Charro or the modern Cafe Poca Cosa. In between stop by Old Town Artisans for some great local shopping.

Downtown Tucson AZ

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