Day 4: Take a day trip into the Wild West

The land south of Tucson offers some really great attractions suitable for a day trip. Make your first stop Kartchner Caverns, located about an hour outside of Tucson. The caverns were first discovered in 1974 but were kept secret in order to preserve the spectacular formations inside. The Caverns became a state park and were first opened to the public in 1999. They offer two tours: the Big Room and the Throne Room/Rotunda. Both are spectacular. The access to the caves is very easy, with paved walkways throughout. Inside you can see huge stalactites, and many unique cave formations. The cave is a ‘living cave’ and so the staff is rather strict about not touching the cave. Advanced reservations are absolutely required. After your tour head out to Tombstone, AZ for a taste of the Wild West. Take a walking tour with Dr. Jay and visit some of the museums in town. Skip the touristy stuff (shootout reenactments, gift shops, etc) if possible. If you’ve got time before heading back to the city check out some of the old ghost towns surrounding Tombstone or if you want to overnight in the area head further south to Bisbee, a funky artsy old mining town just north of the Mexico border.

Tombstone, AZ

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