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Destination Inspiration: Costa Rica

Overview Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for all types of travelers. The climate is warm and stable, it is safe and English is spoken all over, (US dollars are even accepted most places). Everywhere you turn there are natural wonders to behold and it is easy to avoid over commercialized areas. Ticos (Costa Ricans) […]

Bosque del Cabo EcoResort

The Osa Peninsula is in the south of Costa Rica and is most accessible by plane (Nature Air or Sansa). Although it requires extra effort to reach this area the peninsula remains almost completely wild with the bulk of the area being taken up by Corcovado Park. Here the waters of the Gulfo Dulce and […]

Flying with SkyTrek Arenal

Ziplining is all the rage in Costa Rica with lines set up at all the major tourist donations in the country. There is good reason for the popularity of this attraction – with spectacular scenery, excellent safety records and some of the longest lines in the world you’re bound to have a blast riding the […]

Proyecto Asis Wildlife Rescue Center

La Fortuna/Arenal is a fantastic destinations for all types of travelers. The entire area affords fantastic views of the imposing Arenal Volcano but it also offers hot springs, rafting, rappelling, hiking, ziplining and more. But a day in Costa Rica would not be complete without seeking out great wildlife encounters and for a one-of-a-kind animal […]

EcoTermales Hot Springs

There are several choices for experiencing volcanic hot springs in Arenal. They are: Tabacon Hot Springs, The Springs Resort and Spa, Baldi and EcoTermales. For those of you looking for a relaxing soak surrounded by beautiful rainforest with few tourists you want to opt for EcoTermales. Tabacon and the Springs are both part of large […]

Sweet Dreams: El Sol Monteverde

Driving in Costa Rica, while a bit of a bumpy ride, affords some stunning views of rural life. The road to Monteverde offers endless beautiful and pristine pastorale countryside. The cows perched along high roadsides, the endless rolling green hills mixed with clouds, the lack of anything commercial – all so gorgeous. We traveled the […]

Destination Inspiration: Arenal, Costa Rica

The La Fortuna area is one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica – for good reason! It is home to Arenal Volcano, a dramatic and commanding volcano visible from the entire area. It also has some wonderful choices of activities and accommodations. Must-Sees: 1. Proyecto Asis – A Wildlife Rescue Center which is […]

In Search of Quetzals

While Costa Rica offers much in terms of surf, sand and sun what really sets it apart from other tropical destinations are the opportunities for viewing wildlife. TONS of wildlife. Costa Rica’s diverse habitats allow for an amazing amount of biodiversity within its relatively small landmass. Costa Rica is home to a full 4% of […]

Quick Trip: Nature Escape San Jose

Even if you have limited time in Costa Rica you can still experience much of what the country has to offer very nearby to the country’s capital and major airport in San Jose. Costa Rica’s emphasis on Ecotourism means that Monkeys, Toucans, Waterfalls, Volcanoes… they are all available within spitting distance of SJO!! This area […]

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