We all know the horror of hotel coffee – we’ve held our breath and sucked down the watery, coffee-like substance which comes out of our in-room machine or is sitting endlessly in a breakfast room, and hoped that at the very least it was extremely caffeinated. But there is hope out there thanks to some great travel coffee innovators who are coming up with these great coffee travel solutions!

Here are some of my favorite ways to stay happily caffeinated on the road:



1. Aerobie AEROPRESS Coffee and Espresso Maker

This little guy produces some great coffee! It uses a pressure system to push the hot water through the grounds giving you a great on-the-go espresso. (For american coffee just add hot water after pressing.) The system is 

made entirely of BPA-free plastic so can we safely carried in any luggage. It is also very light and relatively small making it suitable for camping or hiking trips. It is also good as a one-cup coffee maker for your home. And hurrah, it’s CHEAP! $28.19 for the whole set up, complete with a gizillion filters and travel bag.



2. Bialetti Moka Express

If you know you might have access to an open flame you can’t go wrong with a Bialetti Moka. These pots are the epitome of Italian quality and design and make a banging cup of espresso in moments and with relative ease. Not for hotel travel but great for vacation rentals, apartments and camp stoves. Available in several sizes from $20.



640133. Melitta Ready Set Joe!

The Ready Set Joe gives you flavorful drip coffee anywhere you might need it. It uses regular #2 filters so you won’t have to hunt down special accessories. If you don’t need the ‘on the go’ aspect of this set up you can opt for just the portable brewing cone and your own cup. $5-10.




4. Trader Joes Instant Coffee Packets with Cream and Sugar

Now this one is not for the coffee snobs but for camping or backpacking this is a great product. If you are not a black coffee drinker normally it eliminates the need to carry extra fixin’s and doesn’t taste half bad. $.50 a pop.

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