A Grand Canyon rafting trip is truly the trip of a lifetime! From amazing scenery, thrilling rapids, great guides, sidetrips, food, it is an unforgettable experience. I took a 10-day motor raft trip with AzRA (Arizona Raft Adventures) whom I recommend above all other rafting outfitters. They have a long history on the river, with extremely experienced guides, great itineraries and all the know-how to make a great river trip. For those of you considering a float down the Colorado here is a look at a possible trip itinerary. Each guide custom designs the trip as they go to account for the guests preferences, the weather, and other boats on the river so this is only ONE example of what you might experience but hopefully it gives you a taste of life on the river.

Day 1:IMG_1140

Day 1 began with a bus trip to the put-in point, Lee’s Ferry. We then began loading our pre-packed drybags, gear, etc onto the boat, met our crew, fit our safety gear and got a briefing before bidding adieu to the outside world. At camp we got our briefings on daily life, hydration, hygiene, conservation, bathroom etiquette and how we were expected to help our team.

Start: at the beginning! Lee’s Ferry

Lunch: 4 Mile Wash


  • Badger Creek Rapid (4-6)
  • Soap Creek Rapid (5-6)


l: Chicken Caesar Wraps

d: Salmon, Spinach Salad and Couscous; Cheesecake

Camp: 24.5 Mile Camp

Day 2:IMG_1194

Today we reached our first major sight of the trip: Redwall Cavern. It is a huge cavern that looms over a big bend in the river and was a great lunch stop, though almost every other crew out on the river makes this their mid-day stop as well so it is crowded (for canyon standards). Rapids picked up as we went through the “Roaring 20s” a set of fairly large rapids in quick succession.

Lunch: Redwall Cavern, mile 33


  • Sheer Wall Rapid (2-3)
  • House Rock Rapid (4-7)
  • North Canyon Rapid (4-5)
  • 21 Mile Rapid (4-5)
  • 23.5 Mile Rapid (3)
  • Georgie Rapid (3-7)
  • 24.5 Mile Rapid (5-6)
  • 25 Mile Rapid (5)
  • Cave Springs Rapid (5)
  • 27 Mile Rapid (5)
  • 29 Mile Rapid (3)
  • 36 Mile Rapid (4)


b: Eggs to order, bacon

l: Taco Salad

d: Ravioli, Garlic Bread, Salad; Chocolate bars

Camp: Buck Farm, mile 41 (Hike at camp)




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