Few hikes are as heralded as New Zealand’s Milford Track. The track (trail) takes you through fantastic Fiordland wilderness, and over thrilling Mackinnon Pass, to iconic Milford Sound in four days and three nights of hiking. The Milford Track is one of New Zealand’s Great Walks and is very popular. Because of its rough beauty and the relative easy-going trail it has been given the nickname “The Greatest Walk in the World”. To manage visitors you must book tickets to hike the track (well in advance), stick to the four day schedule and stay at the official DOC huts. The track, like almost every one we stepped foot on in New Zealand, is meticulously maintained, with well-worn sandy paths clearly showing the way. The huts are clean and cozy, the hutmasters friendly and the scenery stunning!


It is good to note that in our photos you will notice that we experienced unusually dry weather on our walk. The Milford Track can be exceptionally wet and weather swings are always expected. I am told the waterfalls that appear when it rains are well worth the discomfort of the rain but it can also apparently flood pretty terribly so be sure to pack for every contingency including full cold weather and rain gear.

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