Ziplining is all the rage in Costa Rica with lines set up at all the major tourist donations in the country. There is good reason for the popularity of this attraction – with spectacular scenery, excellent safety records and some of the longest lines in the world you’re bound to have a blast riding the lines in Costa Rica. We opted to give Sky Trek Arenal a try based on recommendations and location. From start to finish the operation was top-notch and a total blast!


Arenal Volcano

Upon arrival you are suited up with your gear and can stow any valuables in their lockers. You’ll want to choose comfortable clothes that are not too tight-fitting as the harnesses are a little awkward. Helmet cams are available for rent and would be a great way to capture the thrill of your flight.

SkyTrek Arenal includes the SkyTram (its how you get up to the first platforms and get the great views without having to climb up yourself!). So the first 30 minutes of the tour are taken up with the rather uneventful tram ride. The views are nice but no wildlife was visible. At the top they offered cool juice, a bathroom opportunity and the guides gave a safety/instructional demonstration. The guides on this tour are great: very reassuring, funny, welcoming and handsome to boot! Next it was on to two warm-up rides, short low lines that let you try out the technique of zip-lining and build your confidence. FYI your last chance to back out is after these two lines (you won’t want to, or even if you do – keep going!!)


After the practice lines the real fun begins: huge lines, way up high over the valley (the highest is 200 meters above the valley floor!) with spectacular volcano  and rainforest views. When you look at the lines it’s easy to feel nervous: they seem exposed and flimsy, but once you are going the momentum of the line really takes over and you can easily give in to the experience. It feels very secure. At SkyTrek Arenal they also use a sophisticated braking system that is controlled entirely by the guides so all the landings were smooth and without incident.


Lake Arenal

They have enough guides that you just continue line to line, not having to wait for the entire group to complete each leg before it’s your turn again which is great. Very little waiting – lots of action! There are ten lines ranging from 200-750 meters long. The last line is the longest and fastest and gives you a wide-open view of Arenal before plunging you into the rainforest and out at last onto the final platform.

Check out this guy’s helmet-cam ride!

SkyTrek Arenal is great for  young (8 and above), old, fat, thin, first-timers, experienced adventurers, you name it. Within my group there was all of the above and everyone flew all the lines. There is no hiking or flights of stairs to get to the platforms – just flying and more flying. Totally recommended for everyone.

Cost is $77/pp but you can save $13 pp by booking through the Pura Vida! Eh? website.

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