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Top Ten Things to do in Tucson

Tucson, AZ boasts 284 sunny days a year and with warm temperatures year round it is a great place to escape the winter. Tucson is in the heart of Saguaro (Sa-Wa-Ro) cactus country and there are so many ways to easily explore the unique desert scenery very close to the city. Surrounded by mountain ranges […]

Vieques’ Biobay

The BioBay (Mosquito Bay) on Vieques, Puerto Rico is the brightest bio-luminescent bay in the world and it is so easy to get there and experience this world-class natural attraction! The glowing in the bay is caused by the dinoflagellate Pyrodinium bahamense, which lights up with the slightest agitation. The water in Mosquito Bay contains […]

Rafting the Grand Canyon

Since my very first trip to the Southwest as a child it has held a special and magical place in my traveler’s heart. I think it is the wide open space, not possible in the Northeast (unless you climb a mountain!), the rich colors of the earth, the architecture, the culture, the food and the […]

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